Monday, February 15, 2010

I won! I am blushing... Show and share

I really am so thrilled to have won Keely's Rate my space contest for my living room. Really am blushing with all the sweet and overwhelmingly nice comment's everyone said about my space. Makes me tear up to think that this lovely living room will not be mine in a month, as we are preparing to move to our new house up in the country. When we first saw the house we are living in now, the living room is what sold me, the bright window's, high ceiling's, the warm and cozy feel of it. That is made us buy this home, the living room. So to win the "rate my space" with this living room is a sweet farewell to this lovely home. I know the people that bought this home will love it just as much.
Soooooo welcome all that have made it my way thanks to Keely at Mannland  sending you my way! Hope you like it over here at Mad Times! I really love hearing comment's about my blog, makes me feel all warm and fuzzy!
So I thought it would be fun to have a link-up and do a little show are share! Since I just love photography, and love getting to know you all, I want to host a ......
                                         Show and Share
I would like you to pick a picture, it could be a couple years old it could be when your little, it could be from last week.... But you have to be in it, and this picture has to mean something to you. It could be good, bad, happy times, or super tacky outfit. Or maybe something really important happened that day...Really anything! So rule is.... you are in it and the picture has to signify or stir up a memory or two and you have to share!
Here is mine......well two, but I am allowed, I am hosting this dealio kids...
Ahhh, to be young and skinny, pre-children. This picture was taken right before heading out to a 70's theme party that I was going with some girlfriends, and I invited this guy that I had been on a couple of dates with,  Neal, to come. I really liked him....I was playing it cool. So I thought I would "wow" him with my supa short short's and Farrah-ish hair and dazzle him with those sock's.... I guess it worked, it was the first night Neal kissed me. Six month's later we were engaged,  and will have been married 6 years in September!
This one always makes me laugh. It was used in my grad photo slide show too. I actually remember this. Being young and free, eating cantaloupe... Well many like it. I hated to wear my bathing suit, hated it. I was a free spirit what can I say. And also an little nudist defining my Mom and running naked around the font yard flashing anyone that walked by.... It wouldn't faze me now as a mom, I let my kids run naked all the time in the backyard, but I guess my Mom wanted me to be a bit more modest.... Hence the lovely plastic underpant's. 
Rad. At least I carried my bathing suit?!

So link go on up. I look forward to hopping on over to your blogs and seeing what you dug up!

xoxo Lexylou