Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Our home

Kassi's weekly "Two things I love around my home" posts on her blog BacWoods Fern.
I think it would be fun to join her, take a tour around my home that is soon to not be my home, sniff sniff...as I move to the country. It is very sad but bitter sweet. I love the house that we created into our home. There is so many things that I love about that I have no idea where to start. I love how bright and sunny the living room is, it sold me on the house when I first walked in. It felt so warm and cozy. i love the beautiful deck my husband built with his two hands, I love the gorgeous bath I have upstairs, it is my sanctuary away from chaos, I love the front porch perfect for a cup of tea and taking sunshine in the morning, I love the cherry blossom tree that I saw in full bloom from my bedroom while birthing London, I love the peach and apple tree that provided soooo much fruit that we didn't know what to do with it, I love the original 1913 wood siding we found under the metal stuff, I love the paint color we painted on the outside of the house ....
I will tell you a cute story.....
When Neal and I were about to celebrate our 1 year wedding anniversary we finally found a house that had "potential". It was hard NOT to find a crap shack in our price range,something that a young couple just starting out could afford. But finally this house was found and it had character...1913 old house, good bones, needed some love but did not deter us. We are handy people that love to fix up and I love a good challenge. So we put in an offer, it was excepted! We signed the papers, then that night after feeling a little feeling in the back of my head, I took a pregnancy test. It was positive(with Roman)! We became home owners and soon to be parent's in one night. I remember toasting sparkling apple juice on the floor in the empty living room of our new house right after we got the keys. Scared and excited for the new adventures about to start in this old house. We have lived here for almost 5 years, had three children with my two girl's born in this old house, celebrated many parties under it's roof, created many memories inside... It has been loved and will be missed as we now travel to our new adventure at country house. Then I can tell you about all the NEW things I love about my new home.
I will leave you with some pictures of my lovely home that we did all the work on. I have been a labour of love for Hubby and I.


Living Room


Main bathroom

Esme's Room

Roman's room

Master bedroom

Master bath, dreamy...

My sweet front porch

Back deck

Back yard
Disclaimer.... Hubby is a tile setter by trade, hence the mass amount of tiling all over the house. And I am a bit obsessed with Paris...hence all the Eiffel towers....
xoxo Lexylou