Saturday, January 8, 2011

Head on over to my new blog!

I just put up a new post and this will be my last post on Mad Times.
So head on over and follow my pretty new blog- The Little Yellow Basket!
Ohhh, I also made new button's for your pleasure at LYB!
Over and peace out!
xoxo Lexylou

Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year's, new blog!

Hello and Happy New year to you all!!!
I have decided to unveil this new year my new blog! It has been hard juggling two different blog's, so I am now moving on up and over to "The Little Yellow Basket - A handmade, heartfelt blog"
It will still have the Mad Times feel and all the craziness that fill's my house, plus all the pretty things I like to create as well! I am really trying to pursue a good blog flow and groove this year. So I am super excited to have it kick off with my new blog! So PLEASE head on over and FOLLOW ME!

xoxo Lexylou

Monday, December 27, 2010

A very lovely Christmas

Our Christmas was lovely. We had my sister with her new boyfriend, my mommy and my adorable Grandma over for this years Christmas. Since we live a couple hours drive away from friends and family, we decided to have a little country Christmas at our new home. It was cozy, relaxing and full of love. The present's handmade, thrifted or traded at craft fairs I did with other crafters.We shared a delicious turkey dinner, good wine and played some games after full of laughter. The kiddies were very spoiled and I still can't get over how blessed these 3 little ones are.
Here is a little look into our country Christmas.....
Here is the brown paper packages put under the tree with care. I love wrapping present's. This year I found some old pattern paper and pretty fabric, paper dollies and pretty vintage cards to decorate the present's.

Santa came.....

London's loot

The book "Mouk" I have been looking for forever

 We took a secret video of the kiddies coming down the stairs first thing in the morning and Roman says to Esme "Holy Moly Esme.... Santa ate all his cookies and milk, and HOLY MOLY Ez, look at the TOYS!"

Unwrapping stocking's with my Ama

London watching my Mom unload more present's

A sock pirate Octopus made by Aunty

Another pressie made by Aunty

The amazing castle found at a thrift store by my mom!

Playing games

"Oh look, I drew on the bottom of my feet"

I hope you enjoyed your holidays too, and you are looking forward to the New Year and a fresh start as much as I am.
xoxo Lexylou

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A dottie craft

I just love the blogger Dottie Angel. Her rambling, the craft's she does, the country/vintage surroundings, her picture's she takes.... I could go on and on, but please just go check her little place out!
She just posted a great how-to of decorating jar's in various cozies. I loved the look of them so I thought I would do my own version!
I went around the house collecting various jar's or sizes. Got all my left over  doilies, some white yarn and a fat needle. 

I decided to use white yarn instead of red, as then I can use it all year round! The key is to make it tight around the neck of the jar so it hold the shape nicely. Work your way down and them back up half way and fasten off with a pretty bow!

Put some tea light's in, cluster together and voila!

Beautiful glowing light's, perfect for a table centerpiece!

Here is a new picture of moi, I have gone back to the blonde.... What can I say?! They do have fun!
xoxo Lexylou

Monday, December 20, 2010

Deck the halls

I have always loved decorating at Christmas. It brings out the Martha in me as I have said before.
Here is our new house decorated for the first country Christmas! And yes I have two tree's, one is fake and it is "my" tree for decorating (the white/silver and black ornament's) and the real tree (the big red and gold one) which the kid's decorate and can have free range. It is over 9 feet tall?! It is so special and amazing to me that I finally get my dream of having a beautiful old banister to decorate at Christmas, and.... a 9 ft. tree...

Here are some recent photo's of the munchkins!

 xoxo Lexylou