Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Kincky knack.

We just got back from Whistler on Monday and I have been running around like mad as it is getting down to the wire for our big move on March.15th, hence the lack of posting....Sorry my dears...

I am so behind on my blog reading to that it is giving me a panic attack with the amount unread in my google reader. I will get to them all tonight I think, glass of wine optional!
I received a lovely email from my knick knack exchange partner that Danielle set me up with at Dinosaur Toes.  She was all the way in sunny Australia, Emma at Feeling fuzzy! I was just tickled pink that she loved all my knick knack's that I put a lot of thought in picking out to show her a little bit about me and my life here in Victoria. I will show you what I sent and how I wrapped it!
I made a braided headband with some vintage fabric. I made a feather hair clip and feather earring from my Little yellow basket collection. I made her a CD of some of my favorite tunes at the moment! Cd cover art done by none other than Roman!
I found a silver Canada spoon from my collection, a vintage dollie from my grandma's stock, and last but not least, my all time favorite chocolate, Razzle Dazzle, dark chocolate with dried raspberries...Yummy! It's from a smaller company called Denman Island Chocolate, which is from an Island near Vancouver Island, where Victoria is. I put in a bunch of "wish you were here" postcards of Victoria and wrote up a little about me and my life! All wrapped up in some old Vouge pattern's  and hemp string!
A pretty package if I do say so myself! I did have a lot of fun putting it together! I can't wait to see what my knick knack package will be when it comes!
I will write a lovely and picture filled post about our AMAZING time we had up in Whistler enjoying the Olympic craziness. I promise! =)
Right now I must rescue a poor little crayon from being eaten by London.... What is with children and eating crayons?! All my kids did it.... Gahhh...
xoxo Lexylou