Sunday, March 7, 2010

Whistler Olympic dream

I felt truly blessed and super thankful to be able to go to the Olympics. It was so wonderful to share it with Hubby's family too. His brother, with his stellar wife and their 3 kids came up too! 6 kids in one house?! It was loud..... but lot's of crazy cousin playing fun times! Hubby's wonderful parent's got us ticket's to the women's 2 person bobsled that Canada won both Gold and Silver in, the 4 man Bobsled, and the women's cross country 30km.
Never in my life did I ever think I would be able to go to watch an Olympic event, so being able to go....It was so amazing!
Whistler Village was electric with excitement. Tons of people from around the world, seeing athlete walking around all dressed in their country's gear, it was very rad!
Our last day there we watched on this huge screen the Gold medal hockey game Canada vs USA in the middle of the Village with hundred's of people all decked out in their red and white....It was nail biting, crazy LOUD and I will forever remember that once in a life time patriotic excitement. Never have I been soooooo proud to be Canadian.
I will leave you with some of my favorite pictures of the week.
Canada win's the GOLD!

xoxo Lexylou