Saturday, January 16, 2010


So I was inspired by this idea by one of my favorite blogger's- James at Bleubirdvintage. I love music. I listen to it all durning the day, humming a tune when the music is not playing on my stereo... I like to think I have interesting taste, it is ever changing I am realizing. Such a broad range that I had a friend comment on the crazy collection of some awesome, although very eclectic, mix of CD's I had collected.  It went from only loving The Beatles and Beck, to ska, then to hard core punk, the the wa wa alternative, to hip hop, then the good old skool hip hop, then to Britney pop tart stuff, top 40, then a love affair with Billy and Ella(that is still going on...) to folky style old grass Roots, to spanish guitar-which was playing the whole birth of London, to???
So I thought I will grace you with what I am constantly pressing replay on my ipod, my version of the ever changing mix tape of Lexylou: Enjoy!
 1) Sia- Buttons
The music video for this really solidified my love for this gal... She is CRAZAAAY, but in a good way.
2) Switchfoot- Mess of me
I know this is a same less plug, but this is my cousin Drew's band and I just went to the concert in Vancouver to watch the Hello Hurricane tour, and i can say hands down it is my favorite album of Switchfoot.
3) Fiction Family- When she's near
The lead singer of Switchfoot, Jon Foreman just teamed up to start Fiction family and it is awesome. This song is a repeat special!
4) Muse- Uprising
I lurve Muse. I have a hard time picking a fav song, for a while it was the Twilight special, Supermassive Black Hole. This is filling my black hole Muse love.
5) Mother Mother- Hayloft
This is a local band to Vancouver Island area. I love local shout outs, but this band is really a rad group. I am in love with all the tracks, but this is just pure awesomeness...
6) Phoenix- Litsztomania
Really the whole Wolfgang Album is fabulous. I am really digging it.
7)Santigold- L.E.S. Artistes
I have just found this sweet gem, so I am still fresh replaying her.
8) Cage the Elephant- Back against the wall
I LOVE Cage, if I was not married I would be the biggest groupie.
9)Franz Fedinand- No you Girls
I have been a love time listener the Franz, this is a song that I have had in my head a lot, in a good way, singing in the shower and rocking...
10) Yeah Yeah Yeahs- Heads will Roll
I just love this song. It really satisfies the inner Queen of hearts in me, you know?! OFF WITH HER HEAD!
11) Spoon- I turn my camera on
I feel sheepish to "just" find this jem called Spoon. Really liking this group.
12) Kings of Leon- Use Somebody
I KNOW everyone and their dog has heard of Kings of Leon and is probably sick of them, but this song just reminds me of between 20 and deeply wanting somebody to "want" me and love me
13) Jon and Roy- Thanks for that
This is another local band hailing from my home town. I really love them, they are the laid back, surfer vibe. They are great live too!
14) Tegan and Sara- Back in your head
I like them, pure and simple. The lyric's, their voice...
15) Thom Yorke- Hearing Damage
This is probably going to make me lose readers. I love Twilight.... ahhh and Robert Pattinson. I feel like a total cougar, he is like 6 years younger than me, but reading those books made me feel so young and alive, teenage agnst at it's best... I burned through them while pregnant with London, twice..., all 4 HUGE  books....Sorry I had to get that out. I am a Twihard... It is like candy floss reading for the brain. Sweet and fluffy.
Soooo, back to the song, this is from the New Moon soundtrack of the Twilight Saga. It really is a good mix of tunage. I just really liked this song from the movie. Truth be told, I feel in love with Muse because the writer of Twilight, Stephanie Meyer loved them. I gave them a go and was so very thankful to Mrs. Meyer!
16) Grizzly Bear- Two Weeks
This was also picked by Bleubirdvintage's James, but I found this song through this amazing fan video made for this song. I repeat a "fan" made this. It is amazing, the song is amazing too. This has been on REPLAY for awhile.
Okayyy, one more that I just can't help but bust a move...
go take a look,
then see this, and try not to pee your pant's.
Enjoy my dear's. I would love to hear what is rocking your sock's lately!