Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Doppelganger delusion?

On Facebook there is a doppelganger thing going around. You post a picture on your profile on what celebrity you think you look like or have been told you look like.
I have been told many, Cameron Diaz, Scarlett Johanson, Charles Theron, Gwyneth Paltrow,Maggie Gyllenhaal....
I had a hard time deciding. So I picked Scarlett. When I was looking for pictures to use as my profile picture a theme came forward. They all have blue eyes and at some point had darker hair, sometimes reddish. Now I am a blonde, but I was drawn to them as brunette's. I really thought they all looked way more beautiful in darker shades. Their eyes just shined blue....Maybe I would look better darker...???
So maybe in a moment of insanity, maybe it was that I just saw Scarlett with such beautiful mahogany hair, maybe it's that 8 out of 10 Victoria Secret model's are brunette, maybe it was a weak moment of being sick of my blonde hair....Betty or Veronica?!
Well I went out and did the unthinkable, bought a box of mahogany brown hair dye.... Drank my Strowbow and did it.
This is me before...

So what do yo think friends?! Should I run to the salon to fix it, hide my head in shame? Or hold it high and rock it? Hubby likes it but he will say anything to stop me from crying.

Oh to add to I love installment, I bought something to cheer me up from the shock of now be a mahogany head...
OPI's Alice in Wonderland theme nail polish... LOVE. Sparkles?! Oh my!
 Also I just love that sweet little cardigan. I just got it yesterday at a thrift store, isn't  it cute?! It is actually Michael Kors, can you believe it? It is in brand new condition, thankfully the shop owner had never heard of him or else I would not have paid $10 for it!
Well I will go walk by a mirror and faint again with my spinning head double take's I have been doing all day. I should use a mantra: "I am a mahogany head and I am ok with that..."
xoxo Lexylou