Monday, February 1, 2010

I love..... Weekends

 What a lovely and full weekend it was. I found a lovely blog that is dedicating February to "I love... series" So what a great way to kick of Valentines month with what I love ...
Roman's last day at his wonderful preschool was today, as we are moving out of town. It was very sad to say goodbye. It was a real community as it is a co-op preschool, I know and love all the children and parent's. So as Roman was not able to be there for Valentines Day we made yummy gluten free cupcakes and cards for each child. I was amazed by the thoughtful way he made 14 cards with great care for each special child. Drawing something that he thought about just for that child. He is such a sweet boy.
Friday night..... was a bit rough, hubby worked till 8pm. I was done as a turkey dinner on Thanksgiving so he shoo'd me out the door and told me to go to a movie. By myself... So I went and saw Avatar in 3D. I didn't feel weird seeing a movie alone, the theater was packed so I didn't look like a lone patron as I had people on either side of me. I ate popcorn, and didn't have to share my M&M's. It was amazing.... And the movie was good too. When I got home, hubby lined the hallway with candle's and love notes saying how much he loved me. Awwwww. He knew I have been having an emotional week dealing with the up in the air house stuff and was not feeling my best. Really he is amazing.
Saturday...... I woke up and decided it was best to clean up after the bomb that went off in our house. I also started to pack up stuff that would not be used till after we move. I love packing at times, I purge and get rid of stuff. It is a very free feeling to let go of "stuff" that has been just clutter around the house.
Saturday night ...... I got all packed up for a crafting night of craziness and my friend Lele's house. They thought I was crafting for a week I brought so much.

We had a lovely dinner. My first real Chinese Hot Pot!Made by Lele's hubby! It was so good! After dinner we got down to business. Her swell sister who was over for a visit was crafting too. It was a great night. Full of laughing, bubbley and of course crafting...
LJ was very happy with her design of her website. She was moving from just a blog to a website!

A hair prettie!

I was joking around telling them that the name of this nail polish(that matched the Tulle very nicely) was called Plum Seduction. How do you get seduced by a plum? Are you seduced yet by the plum prettiness? 

More hair pretties inspired by Mama Cakies. I made two and am in love with how easy they are to make.
Lele made adorable tutu's for Esme and London. Can you just hear Esme's shriek with delight?

we went to the beach as it was a beautiful sunny day, and camera's battery died. The battery was so used up from all the crafting night pictures. Boo. So I have nothing but my word to prove the sun tanning, envy inducing weather. I know you think I am lying. It's ok.
Later we decided to go get Esme bangs. Her hair has grown so much that food was always getting caked in her hair as it was always in the way.  I was in shock how much older she look's, she is not even 3 yet?! She look's so much like me it is not even funny. I think anyways. I will let you decide.

Well this is an epic photo post?! Non? I will just end with an "I love the weekend I just had".
xoxo Lexylou