Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sweet tooth nostalgia

As you can see, I was trying to relive my youth with Sweet Tart's... I don't know how I used to finish them all. I am in serious heartburn pain and my tongue may have to be cut off, it is raw from eating just a few.
And yes that one say's cheeky boy... Don't I know it?!

 I am thinking about my next sweet tooth nostalgia indulgence. Anyone have a favorite sweet treat that they crave and want to share of what reminds you about being 6? I wonder how many cavities I am gonna have at my next dentist visit.

Today I went to visit my dear friend who every time we get together it is a crazy brainstorm session of ideas and new crafty things that we want to do/make/share..... Hair clip's, tutu's, baby bibs, blankets, stuffies oh my!? She gave me a bunch of mini peacock feather's to make something to put in my shop!!! What am I going to create? I just finished making a massive amount of feather earrings and clip's to go off to a local shop, I am pretty smitten with how they all turned out, I uploaded the pictures to what is new and exciting on my Facebook fan page too!
My mind is just spinning with all the fun things to make. We even thought we should do a chic baby Couture line.... Oh the ideas, the possibilties that we come up with together. We just feed of one another... When I move we will have epic crafting weekends at the new country cottage and make some super cute stuff!

Oh yeah... I caved and am now on Twitter, no I am not joking... Laugh it up, you too will cave.