Saturday, January 16, 2010

Muddy buddy win's prize for mother's sanity

I thank the person that invented the muddy buddy/puddle suit. Really. The kidlet's love that they can basically "swim" in a puddle and Mommy doesn't worry about them getting soaked.
Yesterday was a really raining day, as is typical on the West coast this time of year. Kids were bored and driving me crazy, needing fresh air. I was at my wit's end till I remembered the muddy buddy....
So all suited up, with London in the Ergo, me holding an umbrella, off we went into the wet.
I can fully say whole heartedly that it was the most fun that I think the kids had outside.

We were on a hunt for puddle's, very BIG puddle's.... And when we puddle jumped the snot out of the new found puddle, off we went to find a bigger one. London was just giggling like mad watching her siblings jump like mad, I could not help but laugh at the hilariousness of them. We were out for about two hours?!

We came home had a hot bath and they passed out on the couch soon after. Hubby came home and could not get over the cuteness of them just so pooped out from puddle jumping. This morning they asked to go puddle jumping again, but alas all of the puddles are dried up. They are watching the window for rain. For the first time the are praying for rain.
Thank god for muddy buddies...