Sunday, January 10, 2010

Pretty letter's

So this year, my New Years resolution was not to lose weight(but man I should) or yada yada spend less money. I thought I would do something special and fun. I would write more letter's. "Snail mail" as in post office style letter's. I know....GENIUS! I love getting mail. And as we are moving to the country soon and will not be in touch with loved ones as much, I want to mail them a letter. I know phone call's are great and all, email is just soooooo easy and everyone is on facebook that they know my daily rant or witty thought of the day from status updates... But really how special and wonderful would it be to receive a letter from moi?!
So I have been on the hunt for unique, really beautiful stationary set's that I would have a hard time NOT writing on, as it would call to me to compose a sweet letter to a sweet friend!
So here is my pick's:





Recycled set


I love this one...


Finish it off with a wax seal of my last name initial. Presto, a beautiful way to put a smile on special someones face!