Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Getting to know you, getting to know all about

So since my blog has grown a bit, and I have more people reading that are not just family...
I thought it would be nice to share a bit! Inspired by this post on this lovely blog...
I would love to hear about what your answers are and get to know all of you lovelies better!
The questions...

1. Waffles, pancakes or french toast?
I make a killer french toast, sometimes I like to melt brie in between and make a french toasty cheese sandwich.... With syrup on top!
2. Dream home..What would it look like?
The one I am moving to in the Country. 1901 Farmhouse updated beautifully with keeping rustic charm. Finger's crossed that it is all going to work out.
3. Favorite sport to watch during the Winter Olympics?
Figure skating, downhill slalom(hubby used to train to do that as a pro ;), ski jumping, speed the Olympics are happening in my backyard, it is so exciting to feel the hullabulo buzz around. My in-laws live in Whistler so they got many tix to some exciting event's.
4. The first word that comes to mind when describing yourself?
Tall. I am just over 6 feet. So it is mostly the first thing I hear when people meet me. "Whow, your tall" Yeah, thanks buddy for pointing it out. I didn't notice?!
5. Dresses, pants (jeans, leggings, etc.) or skirts?
I am digging leggings these days with a long shirt or skirt over top. Perfect for hiding the post baby bulge.
6. What is your favorite time of day?
When Hubby get's home.
7. Beach or Mountains..which do you prefer?
I am a beach lover. I love to wiggle my toes in the sand and the smell of the salty sea is just so intoxicating. So thankful that I grew up and still live by the ocean.
8.Will you watch the Super Bowl?
Ummmm. NO! I don't have cable, and if I did I would prefer to watch something else. Like True Blood or a design show.

Your turn!