Thursday, January 28, 2010

Fortune cookie's are so wise

We had chinese last night in a fit of depression that we may not get our dream country house.... We were told everything was fine, are house sold so fast and we were on the last subject removal for the country house and now we are trying to jump through hoop's for the financing as it is a unique property that has multiple houses' on it and blah blah they are trying to cover there butt and blah blah we are going to be homeless come March.15th if we don't get this house??!! Stressful just does not cover it..
So chinese, I didn't care that I am trying to lose the baby weight, that it was super greasy and probably full of unhealthy things-cat-MSG?? It tasted darn good and I need a cheer me up. I know full faith that God has his hands on us and that we will go to a path that is right for our family, but this house feel's so right....
So fortune cookie time came after the chow mein was all gone and hub's crack's open his and this is what it said...

"Your present plans are going to succeed if you stick to them"
Yup, God is speaking to us through a fortune cookie!
Anyone else have soul speaking fortune cookie's that make you spit out the chowmein  they are soooo right. I have couple that I have kept and saved in a journal or two.

I took some pretty picture with my new snazzy lens and I am going to the beach tomorrow-weather permitting, and I will post them up and you all snow people will be soooo mucho jealous and sending evil eyes my way.. Ahahahaha, good thing I can't see them
(Waring- Do not attempt "extreme close-up lens" without copious amounts of makeup/cover up on... Unless you are Wayne or Garth... Party On!)
pps- If you are wondering what my fortune cookie said?!
"Share your abundant humor with others at this time. They need it"
Well there you go, God thinks I am funny too ;)
xoxo Lexylou