Thursday, May 20, 2010

I love Thursday!

Keely is doing my favorite blog carnival. Thursday 5! Post 5 things that make you smile and reflect about what has made you happy, thankful, excited, and just plain SMITTEN!

 Here we go.....

1) Stepping outside on my deck after a rain fall. It seriously smelled like fresh bee's wax. It smelled so amazing, so alive. Gosh this world is so beautiful.

2) Making a delish salad for lunch with my favorite dressing. A bit of Olive oil,  a squirt of Bragg's and a small spoonful of Tahini butter. Mix it up and mmm good.
I am try to eat as much "raw" food as possible to look good in my bikini this summer. I am trying to work out more too. I woke up this morning to feel my ab's sore, YES! I love that feeling....Feel the burn... 

3) A store in town after seeing me wear my feather earring's want's to sell them! I can't wait to crack open my craft stuff and make some feather beauties! 

4) I made some amazingly delicious vegan and gluten free chocolate chip cookies...They are all gone, they were that good.

5) My sweet little Esme coming inside with a pocket for of flower's for me.
And one more for being super exciting....
5b) I have made some new friends in town! They are mom's at the kid's new preschool. They are both very nice and pretty hip Mama's. One is even a dance teacher!!?? Fate that I met her as I am missing dancing so much...
Hope you all have a gleeful day!
xoxo Lexylou