Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Decorating and lilac bloom's.

I love our new property. How lush and green it is getting with this warm weather. Flowers are blooming all over the place and I have been cutting my favorite lilac's and putting them all over the house. They make the place smell so nice and it put's a smile on my face with all this beauty all over the home.

The apple tree's have been in full bloom and I couldn't  help but laugh and Roman and Esme outside try to hit the branches to create a petal snow fall.... It was really cute.
Hubby is out of town AGAIN all this week, so what does a bored wife do you ask?! Decorate!
I unpacked all the decor for the master bedroom and bathroom's. Set up my make-up vanity, put everything in it's place except for my clothes, which are still in laundry basket's from when I first moved in. I know....pretty pathetic... I have no excuse... I do put away my kid's clothes! Promise!
The main bathroom, with my vintage beauties. A pie safe as my towel storage and another as my bathroom storage!
 Pretty little beach theme I got going on in the master bath!
                                   Master bedroom fireplace!

Sorry for the picture overload, but I am pretty proud that I did this in a day WITH the kidlet's under foot. (They were fed and tended to their every need's with the utmost love...I swear)
And... You all know I have a Paris, France obsession so it really is not a shock, right?! Well I like it and I sleep here!
It is all coming along, slowly but surely. I may have it all unpacked and decorated by Christmas?!
Well then, I should just get out the Christmas decor and save myself the trouble!
I am always a thinker!

xoxo Lexylou