Wednesday, May 26, 2010

50th Post and almost 50 follower's?!

I didn't realize it but my wordless post was my 50th!!! That is very exciting and I didn't even realize it?!

I was thinking that I would do a giveaway with my 50th post, but now I think I will do one with my 50th follower! So tell your friends, spread the word that I am fabulous and stuff. Use better, bigger words while describing my awesomeness, k?! 

Also I have been working on my other blog and trying to get my Esty back up and running... It has been a daily thought to do, as I have been asked to be apart of a blog round up featuring the things I make, but I need to get photo's done, and my Esty up(which is still not up) I am so excited but seriously need to get cracking already. 

All you Esty peep's out there, do you think Esty is worth it or should I just concentrate on brick and mortar shop's and craft fairs?

Go and check it out, see what I have done and tell me your thought's. I need input/ feedback PLEASE!!
xoxo Lexylou