Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Vote for me, i give you cupcake...

Hello all! There is a rate my space fun going on over at Mannland5, my living room is up and is #1.
Sooo I will give you a cupcake if you head on over and vote for me!! If not, I understand, but please know your cupcake will be eaten....It is a hard pick too, I do love #4, Kassi's lovely living room.
Here is a little I love....
I love my mail I got today from the ever talented and awesome oh, hello friend! My Eiffel Tower necklace, of course and a super cute watch locket necklace. I love everything from her shop. She is one talented lady!
I also love quiet drawing time in the afternoon.... When the girl's sleep, Roman and I have nice chill time doing art. It is so awesome seeing how his little scribbles are turnng into real stick people and now a circle is becoming a sun!
So proud of my little man....
He loves sun's so much he draws two, he says it makes him feel warmer!

xoxo Lexylou