Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Year, new adventures!

I gotta feelin', that this year's gonna be a good, GOOD year!
We started off the New Year visiting my in-laws that live in gorgeous white Whistler! It was a great visit, with lots of sledding, over 50cm of snow falling(that is almost two feet my American friends!) walk's to the village, visiting family, great dinner's, stopping in at my fav lunch stop for THE best Lental veggie burger in the world.... Gawd, I am still drooling over it.... going on a date night with the hubby thanks to granny and saw Avatar! AMAZING! The crazy vivid dream's I had about Pandora were unreal. And some lows, Esme dislocated her elbow on a fluke accident in the snow, she was in screaming pain. So off to emerg. we went only to have it "miraciously" pop back into place by the time the doctor came around. She was a riot, and being as cute as ever to the doctor. Dancing around and singing a song, " I guess it's back in" said the Doctor, yup, it was...Then on our last day my back, which is the most fickle back in the world, went out, and I have been cripple since. You have now idea how much staring at all the Christmas decorations around my house is killing me when I can barely stand, and all I want to do is put it ALL AWAY!!!!
Well I need to just relax...ahhhhh, breathe.....

Big things my puddleduck's are happening in our family. We have been dreaming of moving to the country for a loooong time. Our city we live in, (the one I grew-up in ) is getting too "city" like for hubby and I. It is not the sweet town it was when I was little, and we want better for our three little ones. Hubby grew up in a small town, Whistler, when Whistler was a small ski town, not the hotel meca it has become today. He finds it sad that where his school once was is now a hotel, or the forrest he used to play in is a parking lot or the house he grew up in is now gone to be the "drive-way" to the mansion that the land houses.....Anyways... I was trying to be philisophical kids, paved paridise and put up a parking lot?!
Well, we have had our eye on a property for awhile, it was way out of our price range, but it was PERFECT, just over 2 acres, had two full house on it with a guest cottage that I could run my B&B, get some chickens and wear my cowboy boot's...REAL country livin'. It is located just up the island we live on and it is a great area to raise a family.
Like god sending us a message when we were at our wit's end with our city and life in general, the price dropped $100,000?! Hello SIGN!?? So we pulled up our pant's, put our house on the market, it sold in 6 days with 3 offers! Which was such a blessing, as showing a home with three small children is enough to make a person LOSE it.
Exciting but bitter sweet. Leaving friends and family that I love and know so well, but very excited for making new one's and the community we will find in this lovely new Waldorf school close to town.
Plus one of my younger sister's with her husband and three small kids(the same age as mine-give a month or two) want to rent out the other house! So I will not be completly alone.
I know in my heart, with every feeling, that this is the right move for us. And I am looking forward to this.
To the country we shall go.