Monday, December 28, 2009

Twas a wonderful Christmas...

It really was. I was blissfully hoping for snow,but alas, it did not happen for the Westcoast...
This Christmas was very eye opening for Hubby and I. We decided this year that we would not buy from China, make as much as we could for the kidlet's and others and buy from local companies. We love Nova toys. They are a wonderful site of natural toys, but we were slow of the ordering and missed the cut off for Canadian shipping so we found a local company in Vancouver that I bought most of our toy's from for the kid's that had a lot of the similar things too.
It is amazing how much is from China, really shocking... The crazy consumer craze did not consume hubby and I, we bought or made things for loved ones with care. Like the knitted scarfs for Roman and Esme. Ever since I started my Company and doing a craft fair I met lot's of local artist and companies. I found beautiful things to get as Christmas present's. Buying from them, helping support them and there family just felt so good. Christmas was smaller and simpler BUT soooo much better, more meaningful, more magical. I just love the family traditions we are creating with our little young family. I know it is just going to get even more special each year.
We go off the visit hubby's parent's in Whistler so we will have a WHITE New Years. Kidlets are obsessed with snow, I have a feeling this is going to be a crazy fun visit.
Hope you are all relaxing and enjoying your loved ones and are looking forward to the New Year ahead as much as I am!