Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A dottie craft

I just love the blogger Dottie Angel. Her rambling, the craft's she does, the country/vintage surroundings, her picture's she takes.... I could go on and on, but please just go check her little place out!
She just posted a great how-to of decorating jar's in various cozies. I loved the look of them so I thought I would do my own version!
I went around the house collecting various jar's or sizes. Got all my left over  doilies, some white yarn and a fat needle. 

I decided to use white yarn instead of red, as then I can use it all year round! The key is to make it tight around the neck of the jar so it hold the shape nicely. Work your way down and them back up half way and fasten off with a pretty bow!

Put some tea light's in, cluster together and voila!

Beautiful glowing light's, perfect for a table centerpiece!

Here is a new picture of moi, I have gone back to the blonde.... What can I say?! They do have fun!
xoxo Lexylou