Thursday, April 8, 2010

Thursday 5 of happiness!

The lovely Keely at Mannland5 is doing another fun link-up. This one is called Thursday5.
You write down five things that make you happy, grateful, joyful, thankful,  inspired this week.... What a great idea! Head on over and link-up!
1) I had a very nice visit with my grandma who I just love to bit's. The kid's just love their Ama too.  I am over the moon happy to only be 6 minutes away from her house now! She opened the door and was so shocked to see me, she forgot I lived so close too...LOL

2) After a very stressful grocery shopping experience, and swearing to NEVER go shopping again with three kid's, I was very thankful for a glass of wine....or two .....with dinner. 

3) It has not happened yet, but I know I am going to have such a wonderful time when my Mommy and sister from Victoria come up to help celebrate my little London Ruby turning 1 years old on Saturday??!!!!!!!  My baby is almost one...sniff sniff....

4) My french press coffee maker makes me sooooo happy. As I am by myself all this week I don't make a big pot of coffee like when the Hub's is home.
5) a:This week I won the one of the top three kitchen's  over at Keely's Rate my space, Kitchen's! It was so amazing and great to hear all the wonderful compliment's on my new kitchen. I am truly thankful to all the kind word's. I love decorating my space, and it makes me so happy that others love my style as well. I love my kitchen. I just LOVE cooking in it. It is truly a dream! 
5)b: Annnnnddddd- I am famous, but no one knows it but me...
Another dear Momma blogger friend, Olivia at Gnome Sweet Gnome had her blog in USA TODAY with a reference about the awesome upcoming movie "Babies"..... How great is that! 
The super awesomeness is that it was my comment about how excited I was to see this movie made it to print!!!!! Downside.... It doesn't say my name, soooooo no one knows about but me, Olivia and now..... YOU!!! You now know someone famous, it's ok to faint or scream. I am getting used to this new found fame too, so it is all still weird....

xoxo Lexylou