Friday, February 5, 2010

Fill in the blank....FRIDAY!

Lovely Lauren has another installment to fill in the blank Friday.
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1.  If I had two hours to myself today, I'd     go for a walk and enjoy this sunshine It is like summer outside! but if it was at night I would go to a movie again by myself. I really did enjoy that time last week      .

2.  If I could travel anywhere today, I would go to    Paris, without a doubt. With all my heart   .

3.      The first time I held Roman and became a Mom,      is my happiest memory. (But of course holding my girls the first time is amazing too, but with Roman as he was my first, I was now a MOM)

4.  Sometimes you're     creative      other times you're     braindead.

5.  Beauty is     watching my children blossom and grow into amazing human beings. It is something on the inside that can't help but flow out and shine    .

6.  I would be embarassed if anyone knew    how messy the house is most of the time. I am really good at doing a 10 sec or so tidy before someone visit's     .

7.  Love at first sight is    how I felt holding my babes after birth    .

I will leave you with my installment to get to know me, another picture of me as a babe and my Mommy!  
Have a lovely weekend my dears!

xoxo Lexylou