Tuesday, November 3, 2009

October should be renamed Funtober!

I love October. REALLY love it. I am a summer lover too, as I love all the sun, sand and heat! But something about fall just makes my heart melt. Cozy sweater's....Pumpkin spice latte's... Going for walk's in the crisp autumn air with the nice smell of woodsmoke.... Seeing the leaves change color.... Pumpking picking and carving...Plus my birthday is in October..... and Halloween too.... So many fun things going on. Now with children of my own, I am falling in love with the beauty the autumn brings, having family dinner at Thanksgiving(Canadian's have it early folk's) and the insane excitement of Halloween and trick or treating brings.... This year we decided to be the Wizard of Oz family. Last year we did Peter Pan theme. I really like the family theme as it makes for really cute picture. I will have to milk it for as long as I can, before they start to pick what "they" want to be instead of Mommy picking. So Esme was Dorthy, Roman was the Lion, Neal the Scarecrow and I was the Wiked Witch with London as my flying monkey sidekick...Reallllly cute!
As some of you might remember I am a bit of a Sugar nazi, as my kids turn into maniac's with the smallest amount of juice. I decided to put the sugar police in the back seat and just let the kids have fun this Halloween, and it really was fun this year. They got really into it, running from house to house, saying trick'o' tweet.... Melt with cuteness.
But let me tell you, then next two days DOT DOT DOT. . . Hell hath no fury than a child deprived of Halloween treat's. Once they tasted the good stuff, all they ask for is TREAT'S!
Oh well, who can say no to 2 adorable kidlet's?! That would take superhuman strength.