Thursday, November 19, 2009

Guest blogging our nature walk and fall time craft!

Today I am so honored and grateful to be a guest blogger over at one of my most favorite crafty Momma blogger's Kate over at Centsational Girl. This lovely woman inspires me everyday with decorating and so many cool and beautiful DIY idea's. You MUST pop on over and check out her site!

With the beautiful color's of fall surrounding us, going outside and enjoying the splendor of autumn is a daily activity in our house.

With basket's in hand to hold the bounty we collected in nature.....
Roman showing off his nature goodies!
Esme with her pretty flower

Then when we got home we took out all the wool roving in lot's of pretty fall color's and rolled them into little ball's for wet felting them.

With warm soapy water we rolled the ball's in our hands till they were nice and round.This is a good "outside" craft and we all got pretty wet! Lot's of fun was had at this stage.

Then we let them dry over night and I took all the acorn top and hot glue gunned them on.
And Presto! Beautiful acorn's for decoration on a nature table, mantle or I am thinking of putting some string on them and making them into cute Christmas ornament's.... Or as decoration on a Christmas present gift tag!

Little basket's of acorn love for Roman and Esme....
I think I am now addicted to wet and needle felting. You should see my stash of wool roving. Hubby just roll's his eyes....

Hope you are all enjoying this autumn as much as we are here on the West Coast!