Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Simple pleasures...

Inspired by a lovely blogger about having 30 days of happiness and finding the joy in things we either take for granted or "simple, little things that make our days so very enjoyable. Those little things that make life worth living"....
This has been like god sending it down to me himself, as it has been a hard week. My little brother Rupert passed away two years ago on Aug.29th and it would have been his 16th birthday on Aug.25th. With these two event's happening back to back it has been very hard for me to find happiness in really anything....
So thank-you Erin at bluebirdbaby for jump starting my happiness! If we stop and really think about it, there is SO many thing's to be happy and grateful for.....
Here are some things that brought be happiness and made me feel grateful this weekend:
-Cutting Lavender from my garden and putting by my bedside table
-Line drying the clothes and cloth diaper's
-Eating a lovely dinner with my dear friend Juliette and her husband Jeff with the whole meal provided from their garden
- Flower's left on my door step by a sweet friend
- Watching the kids play on a beach on Gabriola Island
- London smiling so brightly as she is nursing, a smile that takes over the eyes too.
- Making fresh smoothies with peach's from my peach tree
-Esme dancing to any music being played in the house
- Roman singing himself to sleep, I think it was half baby beluga half wheel's on the bus.....

Hope you have fun finding happiness with me and also thing's to be grateful for.
Rupert Samuel- Forever loved and missed. Always